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Human motivation and the Internet: A kicking interview

August 14, 2009

Fascinating interview by Brooke Gladstone with Pew’s Lee Rainie on his research. Basically he’s coming at the same basic question I took up in my thesis—is the Internet helping or harming human social consciousness?—from a totally different (empirical rather than primarily theoretical) angle. He excitingly describes conclusions that I feel quite vindicated by, this despite […]

Anon on Anon on AT&T

August 1, 2009

Best comic EVAR!!1 If you’re offended about the choice of language let me know. I’ll send you my 50 page thesis on why you shouldn’t be, and why the fact that you are makes you a bad person.

Thesis extention means lockdown extention

July 30, 2009

… probably for the next two days. Sowy. To learn about the shitstorm that is partially contributing to my opting to hold off on submitting, check out this link (it’s encyclopedia dramatica, so again, if you’re at work… click at your peril).

Non-point-oriented post with stuff about Noam Chomsky

July 12, 2009

Was surprised and pleased to discover that Dramatica has an artcile on Chomsky. Their handy cliffs notes of his life’s work (be aware that if you venture elsewhere in the ED, it won’t be long before you’re in NSFW territory): Since Noam Chomsky is completely TL;DR [too long; didn’t read], ED presents to you a […]

What a beat! (NSFW… lots of play on social taboos)

June 23, 2009

Note:  The video clips provide a nice little window into the fertile culture of the 4chan /b/tards (many will find them extremely offensive). Fascinating, no? The interwebs are serious business. Via the Encyclopedia Dramatica

“The Discourse Politics of the Internet Hate Machine”: Request for feedback

June 15, 2009

I’m basically doing a Habermasian interpretation of the Internet culture centered in 4chan. The document linked to below is my introductory exposition. I’d like to get this section as right as possible. To that end, any comments, suggestions, outright pwnings you can hit me with are welcome. Notes: It’s still rough. Flagging weird sentences and […]

Thesis Draft Due in 8hrs

June 9, 2009

Won’t be quite so “prolific” today. Question though in the mean time: The draft is floating around 45 pages. Is that long enough to justify a 300 word double epigraph? I k now its grandiose, but I really think it frames the paper well. Are the quotes interesting enough to carry a reader through? Here’s […]