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TARP talk

August 21, 2009

…with Neil Barofsky (of the TARP oversight committee) and very little obnoxious laughter. It’s almost—but not quite—as interesting as Elizabeth Warren’s fight with Adam Davidson at NPR’s Planet Money a few months back. Via Metafilter Advertisements

9/11 conspiracists circle Ground Zero

August 15, 2009

I’m in New York now and I needed to buy shoes today. My uncle’s boyfriend—who I’d had lunch with—recommended I check out the department store “Century 21” down by the WTC site in lower Manhattan (a very good recommendation, incidentally). Anyway, I decided to walk down from 17th and found my way to the WTC […]

Playing a libertarian’s game: Radley Balko’s “State your limits” challenge (UPDATED)

July 24, 2009

This post is dedicated to Dane who clued me into Radley Balko’s blog, and originally told me about Balko’s “State Your Limits” challenge yesterday afternoon. The challenge in general terms is as follows: …Every initiative announced by the Obama administration pushes us further into uncharted territory on both fronts [“the growth and size of government”], […]

The deficits: who to burn?

July 18, 2009

The honeymoon being over, and November 2010 looking not so distant on the horizon, it’s becoming salient how things break down as far as what can be attributed to who. The Obama administration is at the helm, and it’s critical that he be held accountable for what he can reasonably be accountable for. But accountability […]

Canada’s health care system and why Americans should want that shit

July 8, 2009

I want to quickly respond to the Canada-bashing that seems so rote in the US re: our public system. The media loves to cherry pick critics of the Canadian system, which, though far from perfect, as a Canadian living in the States for the past year (on my university’s insurance plan), I can say is […]

Harry & Louise

July 7, 2009

TNR is reporting that the banking industry is planning on brushing off the health insurance industry’s old tactic of inventing mascot “typical Americans” to deliberately mislead the public. Consumers—which I hesitate to equate with “the public,” though it’s certainly closer to it than the bank lobby—aren’t going to take it lying down: The [banking] coalition […]

Republican grandstanding

June 23, 2009

From Slate: Mitt Romney and Sen. Lamar Alexander recently proposed turning over the federal government’s 60 percent temporary stake in General Motors to the American people so that every household would own shares in GM. The company’s current market capitalization is just $800 million, but even at its June peak of $1 billion, America’s 120 […]

IMHO, Fareed Zakaria has the coolest sounding name ever

June 22, 2009

And, he’s managed to win me over as someone with worthwhile things to say. He’s very strong on foreign affairs (he was a student of Huntington’s back before the man went crazy and nativist, may he rest in peace). Here he is talking about capitalism in today’s Newsweek: There is still a long road ahead. […]

Figuring Obama’s confidence and the US economy

June 18, 2009

Michael Tomasky in the NYRB writes: I was struck by the sense of good feeling and optimism among these people [Democrats]. There was a broad understanding of the importance of the historical moment. In stark contrast to 1993 (Bill Clinton’s first year as president), the factions within the Democratic Party are keeping their disagreements pretty […]

Stiglitz on the international optics of America’s recession response

June 12, 2009

Former World Bank president, Clinton admin. veteran, and Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz steps back and turns an economic historian’s eye to the question of what legacy America’s recession response will leave in the global economics debate: And among this one’s legacies will be a worldwide battle over ideas—over what kind of economic system is […]