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Basketball Jones

July 26, 2009

Apparently it was still cool in the 70s to draw black people such that their lips take up half their faces. That aside, quite the video. Fav detail: the crazy old lady ironing her cat. From wiki: “Basketball Jones” is a 1974 animated short film based on the Cheech and Chong song, “Basketball Jones featuring […]


July 17, 2009

I’m going to a White Sox game tonight and am wondering what the odds are I could get away with smuggling in a flask… thoughts? And just for you, another bad first pitch, this time the Mayor of Cincinatti. Again, from the compilation put together at HuffPo.

Critical Mass, Vol.2

June 27, 2009

I did my second Chicago Critical Mass yesterday. It was, once again, a blast. Full of bewilderment, excitement, delight, and neck vein pulsing rage. One couple in a car were totally¬†histrionic, infuriated that the mass didn’t stop when the light turned to let them through. They decided to power through, and actually hit someone (not […]

NBA Finals: Game 1 predictions 5 mins before tipoff

June 4, 2009

This is going to be a particularly big game for Kobe.¬† He’ll be too psyched for it not to be. Gasol will work Howard on offence, and Bynum’ll work him on defense. The Hedo / Odom matchup’ll be important and be the difference between a close loss and a blowout. As much as I hate […]

Critically Massive

May 30, 2009

Participated in my second critical mass ever yesterday, first ever in Chicago. Not as sore as I thought I’d be today. It’s hard to estimate exactly how many bikes participated, but at one point I became separated from my group while near the front and pulled to the side to wait for them, and for […]