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Canadian civil liberties question -OR- The consequences of going about one’s business during a global summit while wearing a forest-camo t-shirt

June 27, 2010

The context: What’s described below happened a few minutes ago (about 3:25–I’m writing this at about 3:50), as I was walking down Yonge on my way from the Queen streetcar to the Go Bus terminal at Union Station, intending to catch the 3:40 back to Markham. I’m wearing a forest-camo tee, new jean shorts, Blundstones […]

Toronto, did you really need to do that?

June 22, 2009

From Boing Boing: The light makes no sense at all. And Toronto has lots of black people… I don’t understand. Okay… actually read Boing Boing’s discussion of it, and they’re right to point to an issue of limited stock photography. They wouldn’tve taken the shot themselves anyway.

Cyber Security: Canada Edition

June 18, 2009

Canada’s Conservative government is pushing legislation to greatly increase law-enforcement claims on ISP’s. The legislation would: enable police to access information on an Internet subscriber, such as name, street address and email address, without having to get a search warrant force Internet service providers to freeze data on their hard drives to prevent subscribers under […]

Canada 3.0!!1

June 8, 2009

Big scoop at the Globe & Mail… apparently the big ideas guys in Canada’s watered down equivalent to Silicon Valley (Waterloo… home to the University of Waterloo, Reasearch in Motion, and Canada’s major Google satellite office, among other tech businesses), have decided “to make Canada the first digital nation in the world.” What does that […]

Let’s learn about Canada from YouTube!!1 Pt. 1: Halifax

June 3, 2009

For my American or otherwise “international” friends, I’d like to premier a series that will be both educational and fun! Great! Good Job. It will be composed of the three YouTube videos I find most interesting (funny, surprising, …) that come up under the search term following the “:”. You probably intuited that I’m calling […]