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Canadian civil liberties question -OR- The consequences of going about one’s business during a global summit while wearing a forest-camo t-shirt

June 27, 2010

The context: What’s described below happened a few minutes ago (about 3:25–I’m writing this at about 3:50), as I was walking down Yonge on my way from the Queen streetcar to the Go Bus terminal at Union Station, intending to catch the 3:40 back to Markham. I’m wearing a forest-camo tee, new jean shorts, Blundstones […]

A billion dollars can’t buy us a fire extinguisher? (UPDATED)

June 27, 2010

The burning police car images have worked out very well both to publicly legitimate the cost of the security apparatus mobilized for the G20 events, and to divert the media from covering the substance of both what’s going on inside the fence, and the valid critical positions that are being represented outside of it (since […]