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Eric on heteronormativity

April 30, 2010

Eric Sasson, from my writing group in Brooklyn, recently published a short story we workshopped called “The Margins of Tolerance” at the Nashville Review. It’s awesome and about being gay in New Jersey. And other stuff. There’s nudity. Teaser: We used to have sex on the dining table. We used to drop to our knees […]

Laughter & joy

April 28, 2010

2010 UPDATE: I originally posted this on July 16th of 2009, but am refreshing it for its relevance to the conversation at the Influency salon this week, spurred by Susan Holbrook’s Joy is So Exhausting, about the power dynamics of humour in poetry. I’ll elaborate on this suggested relevance in my response to her book, […]

Jacob McArthur Mooney’s “The New Layman’s Almanac”

April 28, 2010

Ben attempts poetry criticism, take 2. This week, “The New Layman’s Almanac” by Jacob McArthur Mooney (of Vox Populism fame). ~ Reading their work, seeing them, hearing them read, hearing them interact informally with each other and the class, I got a real sense of internal coherence from the two poets we’ve so far engaged […]

My first attempt at poetry criticism: Carmine Starnino’s “This Way Out”

April 21, 2010

So I registered for Margaret Christakos‘s 8th “Influency” poetry salon, which is a ways outside of my comfort zone (though it’s proven to be pretty great). The routine is that we read a recent book by a prominent contemporary Canadian poet per week. At the salon, that poet is presented and discussed in a lecture […]

Adorno explains Palin’s tactics, but Obama’s?

April 19, 2010

Under the subject line “Adorno explains how Palin is able to deploy such psychologically sophisticated tactics…”, I recently sent Andrew Sullivan the following quote: “The leader can guess the psychological wants and needs of those susceptible to his propaganda because he resembles them psychologically, and is distinguished from them by a capacity to express without […]