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Atul Gawande’s simple message: there’s hope!

Atul Gawande, author of the excellent New Yorker piece a few months ago exploring the roots of exploding health care costs, co-authored a NYT op-ed today that blows a fresh breath of hope into the debate over the efforts at systemic health care reform. Looking at the most cost-efficient and care-effective hospital referral regions he concludes:

There is a lot of troubling rhetoric being thrown around in the health care debate. But we don’t need to be trapped between charges that reforms will ration care and doing nothing about costs and coverage. We must instead look at the communities that are already redesigning American health care for the better, and pursue ways for the nation to follow their lead.

The power of Gawande’s analysis is in how close to the ground it is. He is interested in seriously pursuing solutions to the health care crisis in America, and  the lack of abstract ideological grandstanding is gasp-inducingly refreshing in a deliberative environment that’s become stiflingly sophistic. In light of this I recommend checking out both the New Yorker piece and the Op-Ed.


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