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Tyler Cowen challenges progressives to give an intelligent definition of libertarianism

He tries to do the same for progressivism here. I would note that he’s very specific. So much so that while I’m sure many progressives do fall under the tent he constructs, many (including me) do not; at least not in terms of the details.

In responding to his counter challenge, I would further note that intelligent does not equal positive. At it’s barest, the definition I settled on in my debate with Dane and Andrew was that libertarianism is a form of self-denying orthodox positivism. For an elaboration, see the debate under this post.

Hat-tip Yglesias


2 Responses to “Tyler Cowen challenges progressives to give an intelligent definition of libertarianism”

  1. You really need to stop this libertarianism = positivism bunk. It is entirely without basis, and you are using it as a “smear,” since you obviously disapprove of positivism. Be grateful I’m too busy moving my ass to Taiwan to write anymore.

    • To the contrary Dane, I would have been much more grateful had you given a substantive response. I don’t know what in this discussion has given you the impression that I want to engage you at anything but your best.

      If you want to call my linking of libertarianism to positivism a smear, I suppose you can. But I’ve tried to give my reasons for why I think it holds and is fatal (which by now you should be aware of, and which are conveniently referred to in the above post); reasons which, by the way, you haven’t even made an effort to show that you even want to try to understand.

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