Tied to the mast
…but orange now and black

I just rewatched Wall-E…

…and want to reaffirm its superiority over Up! (originally stated here).

The fact that the “villain” is a pre-programmed auto-pilot system following a protocol without malevolence (just single-mindedness) or through anything above petty invention… is just awesome. It’s tres Eichmann.

Plus, while there are certainly gags, they don’t really drive the story (and nor does the story stop to facilitate a gag sequence as seemed to happen a lot to me in Up! once we got past the absolutely magnificent opening montage).

And as cheesy as it was, the scene where the captain is rediscovering what humanity was and asks the computer to define “dance” as Wall-E and E.V.E. spiral around each other playfully outside was pretty awesome too.

Hats off, and cheers to all those who don’t want just to survive, but want to live.


3 Responses to “I just rewatched Wall-E…”

  1. Wall-E = best pixar movie ever.

  2. I lose it every time one of those hovering HALT robots says, “Wrong.”

  3. ilike eve and auto

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