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Slow post day… I’m going outside.

To feed the non-existent content demanding beast, and in case you’ve been missing it, blogbytom and I have been engaging in some back and forth over my Paglia post from yesterday. Check it out here. I’d be interested in other people’s thoughts.

Also, here’s the text of a banal comment fight I’m having over this blog post by m0k3d (below). For all that I think fighting with the commercial stars of ideological hysteria is a fool’s errand, I actually think that engaging with the non-commercially driven ideologically hysterical on their own turf (whether they be smaller blogs or commenters) has at least some value. If only to problematize the stereotypes and straw men, and to hold one another to account for our claims, which I think in most cases are made genuinely, to reasonableness.


  1. discursor, on June 21st, 2009 at 1:18 pm Said:

    In the immediate future, I see no possibility for mass protests anything like those in Iran in America. Talking about how Obama “might handle them” is moot.

    The “case” that Obama would be brutal (that you link to) is an incoherent mashup of police brutality incidents over the past 30 years, mostly related to interest group protests without widespread public support (as opposed to, for example, the mass protests of the student movement in the 60s… much more analogous IMO).

    There is plenty of police brutality in the US that is disgusting and reprehensible, but it is not systematic. To compare it to Iran not only fails to grasp, but profoundly disrespects what the protesters in Iran are fighting against.

    • // So the “Police State” witnessed during the 2008 RNC was not systematic?

      The real points are disenfranchisement, election debacles! and the torture of AMERICANS!

      Americans are acting soooo… concerned for the people in IRAN when in all actuality we face the same oppression here! and Americans act oblivious to it!

  2. // I agree and realize that the scale of the two events do not compare. You are right!

    My Issue is the support and coverage of the protests…Not that I dont support the people of Iran because I do! well at least their right to a free and fair election and other human rights! I should say “the lack of support and coverage of issues in America”!

    It is just unfortunate that people do not protest more in America for OUR own reasons! When we do try to protest it seems like the Government decides which protests are ok? I recall Alan Keys and Catholic priests being arrested recently for a peaceful protest? Coincidence that it surrounded an Obama visit? I think not? Where were their rights? Dont they have the same rights as the people of Iran?

    And the media coverage is an important issue?
    Remember how the tea party protesters were demonized and made fun of by mainstream media? Everyone had a real fun time saying “teabaggers”…That was because THEY didnt support that issue!

    Also I think we both know what will happen to that police misconduct lawsuit?

  3. // I believe that ACORN skewed our election as much as the results in the Iranian election were skewed (in my belief). We have seen by his taking more and more unconstitutional liberties upon himself ()the executive branch, not stood up against by the legislative and judiciary branches that he may not be that much different than Iran’s Amanutjob and the mullahs. They (Congress and the Courts) may not be either.
    Bob A.

    • discursor, on July 8th, 2009 at 9:11 pm Said:

      // Boudicabpi: None of what you’re saying adds up to an argument. How does your second sentence in any way support your first one? How is your second sentence even close to true? Why the left has power to push its agenda is that America is a democracy, and the Democrats have an electoral mandate unlike anything a party has held since mid-century.

      • // Are you saying that ACORN did not skew the election with improper votes? Where is it constitutional to appoint all of these Czars? Why are not the legislature and judiciary asserting their constitutional powers? And I believe we are a Republic not a Democracy. I don’t believe the Democrats have a mandate to shove their agenda’s down our throats without minority participation.

        • discursor, on July 9th, 2009 at 12:18 pm Said:

          // Acorn didn’t skew the election with improper votes. There was improper registration, but recognizing that paying people $8 / hour to register voters would create weird incentives is why it’s ACORN’s policy to submit the registration cards for public oversight. As Dahlia Lithwick put it:

          “That GOP elections officials started screaming “gotcha” when those registrations were turned in [willingly by ACORN itself] is the real fraud here.”

          Regarding what’s “constitutional,” judicial power to strike down an act of Congress does not appear anywhere in the text of the Constitution. That’s not to say that one shouldn’t support that power, but it just goes to show how ridiculous it is to fetishize the constitution while ignoring the precedents and traditions that have been built up since then (and for the establishment of which there was public debate and reason that is available with a little research). These traditions do much of the work that the Constitution can’t in defining what America is and is all about.

          Regarding your last point. Fine so… keep participating… make your arguments, voice your dissent, donate money to opposition parties and PACs. But, the election results are the election results. Plus, I don’t see how you could miss the epic fights that are taking place right now surrounding health care, financial regulation reform, etc. They’re on every news website on the Internet. The terms of the debate tilt left of where they’ve been since the 70s, but that’s because all of America’s Federal elected bodies tilt to the left of where they’ve been since the 70s


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