Tied to the mast
…but orange now and black

Oh… excuse me Ricky… Ricky… I saw what you were doing…


Via Boing Boing


7 Responses to “Oh… excuse me Ricky… Ricky… I saw what you were doing…”

  1. Freakin’ A. I’m blushing just watching that.

  2. I think that’s how serial killers come to be. Too funny!

    • My question is this: Whose idea was the super closeups??

      • I tip my cap to the person who suggested the lone wall decoration, a “make love not war” poster.

        “I’m just glad you’re doing this in the privacy of your own room.”

        She reminds me of Nurse Rachet from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. (“Mr McMurphy, your finger is staining my window.”)

        Discursor, this is quite a blog you’ve got here. Easily one of the most diverse I’ve seen in my limited exposure to blogs. Does that mean you read other people’s blogs now? Are you a blog man through and through.

        I was talking about decorating my place the other day (I have a fully functional TV now) and someone suggested I check out some blog called “Small Places”. I said, “wouldn’t it be great if that was a blog about a claustrophobic man who’s trying to get over his fear through exposure, and every day he posts a picture of himself, horrified, cramped up in some small space.” The idea of a horrified man posing proudly for a photo in an oven killed me. This guy at the table goes, “Excuse me, I’m doing my Phd on blogs…” (in this sort of “Excuse me, that’s my wife you’re dancing with…” tone). Then amazingly, someone else goes, “I just like the word — Blaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Bla bla blaaaaagh.” Guy looked pissed.


  3. I just tried it, and I have to agree with the “Blaaaaaagh” dude. Very fun to say indeed. PS – Are you phonable these days. It’s criminal that we haven’t spoken in as long as we haven’t.

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