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Iranian society flares

It’s the 10th anniversary of a major student protest in Iran. From wiki:

They began on July 8 with peaceful demonstrations in Tehran against the closure of the reformist newspaper, Salam. This was followed by an attack on a student dormitory that night by riot police in which a student was killed. This in turn sparked six days of demonstrations and rioting throughout the country in which at least three more people were killed and more than 200 injured.[1]

Following the Iran student riots in 1999, more than seventy students disappeared. In addition, to an estimated 1,200–1,400 detained, the “whereabouts and condition” of five students named by Human Rights Watch remained unknown, but are believed to be detained by Islamic authorities.[3]

The event has helped flare up a new round of protests in defiance of the regime’s repressive tactics.

For the latest I recommend:

UPDATE: Al Jazeera report on the protests of ’99:

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