Tied to the mast
…but orange now and black

Lynndie England…

…was profiled in last week’s new This American Life. It’s the second segment (starting at 18 minutes).

This segment once again makes it viscerally clear that the abuse at Abu Ghraib was not only perpetrated against the detainees. The architects of this aspect of the strategy of the war did grave and pemanent damage to those young soldiers they pushed to sullied hands. As they say in the piece, it’s hard to sympathize with Lynndie England, but it’s also impossible to accept that she shoulders anything more than a small fraction of the blame for what is depicted in the pictures that made her famous.

The tangled webs of dishonesty surrounding Abu Ghraib and Iraq more generally bred such incredible injustice. Whatever steps need to be taken to make sure that the truth is known—and known as soon as possible—ought to be taken immediately; whether by the White House, Congress, the DoJ, the ACLU, or the media.

The substance of it is drawn from the same series of interviews done for Errol Morris’ Standard Operating Procedure.


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