Tied to the mast
…but orange now and black

Autopsy reports…

…on the men the Bush Administration tortured to death. (among those of detainees dead by other causes)… here.  ME03-571:

Male detainee died while in U.S. custody. The details surrounding the circumstances at the time of death are classified. Cause of death: Asphyxia due to smothering and chest compression. Manner of Death: Homicide. Significant findings of the autopsy included rib fractures and numerous bruises, some of which were patterned due to impacts with a blunt object. DOD 003329 refers to this case as “1 blunt force trauma and choking; died during interrogation.” DOD 003325 refers to this case with note “Q[uestioned] by MI [Military Intelligence], died during interrogation.”


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