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Nate Silver WaPwns the WaPo

Re: a poll that purports to demonstrate the fickleness of Americans’ opinions on health care (showing initial  Check it:

Actually, I don’t have any particular problem with probing the depth of support by providing the respondent in your poll with an opposition message. This poll does suggest that opinion on the public option — which Americans may not know all that much about — is relatively malleable.

What I do have a problem with, however, is testing one side’s message but not the other’s. How about giving the people opposed to the public option a Democratic message about cost control?

He then describes another poll that does exactly that, that similarly causes a large swing, this time among skeptics of public health towards it.

He concludes with:

But the Post’s poll, and the accompanying article, seem like less of an effort to report on reality and more of an effort to create a new one.

Fuck you WaPo. Why not just hire Dick Cheney and get it over with?


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