Tied to the mast
…but orange now and black

Mad boy kick open the shutter

“God willing, in the near future we will witness the destruction of the corrupt occupier regime…” —Mahmoud Ahmedinejad

Brother, did you forget your name? IranUnited mashes up some Rage:

Via HuffPo


And for fun, my fav Rage song (at least I remember it being when I was 17):

Yeah, I still like it.


2 Responses to “Mad boy kick open the shutter”

  1. I am running a poll to see how Obama might handle a similar protest here in America?

    Vote here,

    • In the immediate future, I see no possibility for protests anything like those in Iran in America (Obama’s got triple Bush’s approval rating, and we’re back at near 50% of Americans who think the US is on the right track). There’s no insipient mass movement in America. The closest thing to a mass movement that America’s had recently is that which swept Obama to power.Talking about how Obama “might handle them” is moot and misleading. And, frankly, evidence of a lack of perspective on (and a disrespect for) what exactly is happening in Iran right now.

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