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They dumped Froomkin???!?!?!?!

Calderone reported today that the WaPo is firing the best thing going for it:

POLITICO learned today that the Washington Post has terminated its relationship with liberal columnist/blogger Dan Froomkin. Froomkin authored the “White House Watch” blog and was told today that the blog had essentially run its course.

Froomkin has been among the most impressive and effective truth-hounds on the Bush administration’s use of torture, and Obama’s complicity in hiding the evidence. And, he’s an excellent writer. I’ve enjoyed reading his work more than any of the Post’s print columnists.

The WaPo’s statement:

“our editors and research teams are constantly reviewing our columns, blogs and other content to make sure we’re giving readers the most value when they are on our site while balancing the need to make the most of our resources. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes features must be eliminated, and this time it was the blog that Dan Froomkin freelanced for washingtonpost.com.”

That’s bullshit. Fucking bullshit. I’m with those who suspect political motives. Bloggers are cheap. I doubt if Froomkin’s wage is a fraction of George Will’s, who, as Tom reminded us earlier, makes a habit of unapologetically ignoring reality.

For what it’s worth I’m taking the WaPo off my toolbar. I’ll still go if I see an important article linked to from elsewhere, but it’s no longer something I’ll read every day. Fuck you Fred Hiatt.

NY Times: Here’s your chance. Hire the man!!!

I’ll let you all know whenever Froomkin announces his new place of awesomeness.

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UPDATE: I also just wrote to the ombudsman. You should too: ombudsman@washpost.com

UPDATE II: As Greenwald notes, and adding to the suspect nature of their statement, Froomkin was responsible for 3 of the top 10 linked-to articles of 2007 (haven’t seen 2008 data). People like truth.


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