Tied to the mast
…but orange now and black

Khameini / Ahmedinejad regime agitprop

From the NYT’s Lede blog, weird ass’d state sponsored (the Ministry of Intelligence specifically) conspiracy video from last year.

Seems like George Soros is a bogeyman for the right-wing everywhere. I don’t think their animated John McCain depiction is convincing.

My favorite part:

DUDE IN DARK CLOTHES 1: Guys, according to the e-mail I got yesterday, we must get started. Besides, the equipment has arrived.

DIDC 2: Now it will be easier to pass on the instructions we get from satellite TV.

DIDC 3: Then all this will become a great news item for our friends in America.

DIDC 1: I’m sure that once we carry out this mission, we will get the visas they promised us and have a good time in America.

How patriotic of DIDC 3’s sister to turn him in to the authorities!

I don’t mean to suggest that these things shouldn’t be treated seriously. They look absurd from the perspective of a computer in a Chicago library, but I’m definitely not the intended audience.


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