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Sympathy for a decadent princeling: Castro’s son’s heart gets taken for a ride

The BBC is reporting that Castro’s son Antonio was taken in by a Cuban exile’s flirtatious trolling. Translated by the BBC from the troll (Luis Dominguez)’s blog:

tonycsport: Hi

claudiacartagena82: Hi, sorry I know you wrote me last night

tonycsport: Yes

claudiacartagena82: But I wasn’t at the computer. I saw it this morning. Did you get my picture in your email?

tonycsport: Yes, I’m looking at it. You sent the same picture twice

claudiacartagena82: Yeah but bigger

tonycsport: Yes, it’s true

claudiacartagena82: I don’t have that many photographs in this computer. I’ll have to look for some more. The ones I have here are from a wedding

tonycsport: Well, as long as it wasn’t you who got married hehehe

claudiacartagena82: No it was a friend’s wedding. I’m single. It’s because I work so much here, and in Colombia men are macho and I don’t like that. I spend so much time searching for information and reading

tonycsport: Hehehe, very good. You know, I don’t see myself as macho

claudiacartagena82: Tell me about yourself, are you single?

tonycsport: Yes

claudiacartagena82: Aa-ha

Apparently from there it went on for the better part of a year. From the article:

Mr Dominguez used Antonio Castro’s alleged weakness for young women and sports.

Mr Dominguez created Claudia, a 27-year-old Colombian sports journalist.

Claudia made contact with Antonio and they chatted on and off for an eight-month period.

Antonio shared details of his daily life in Cuba and his trips around the world with his uncle Raul, the Cuban president, but did not reveal any state secrets.

However, Mr Dominguez says that by showing what he describes as the opulent lifestyles the Castros live in a communist country like Cuba he has achieved his aim.

Click to the article for more.

As unjustly decadent as the family may be, one can’t help but feel for the guy. It’s kindof like Ang Lee’s Lust Caution, except more pathetic. Not only is the romance purely electronic, who knows what actual involvement Antonio has with the more oppressive elements of the regime.

I’m sure more comprehensive translations of the exchanges will be distributed soon that might answer the latter question.


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