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Defying the Western media ban

Britain’s Channel 4 Iran correspondent, Lindsey Hilsum, has been blogging from the scene. A weird anecdote from  yesterday:

In the afternoon, hundreds of thousands turned out for the rally in support of President Ahamdinejad. A young man saw us trying to make our way through the hordes to find a high point from which to film and took it upon himself to help.He couldn’t speak English but he parted the crowds for us and indicated we should follow.

I assumed he was an Ahmadinejad supporter, because he was at the rally and carrying the national flag, which the president’s campaign appropriated for themselves.

When the cameraman was filming, our new friend suddenly indicated that I should look at his mobile phone. A picture flashed up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then another. It was the Shah and his wife, an official portrait from back in the 1970s, before the Revolution.

If the authorities knew he was carrying such pictures, he would surely get into trouble. But it is one of the strange things about critical events like this, when fear and excitement mingle, that people suddenly trust foreigners and let them know things they might keep from their best friend.


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