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Cyberwarfare in Iran: The future is now!!1

From the HuffPo (which has blown me away with its coverage of this):

3:02 PM ET — Taking down Ahmadinejad’s website. Via emailer Nick: The anti-Ahmadinejad Twitter user @StopAhmadi, who has been posting virtually nonstop over the last few days, mounted an apparently successful effort to swarm Ahmadinejad’s website and shut it down. He’s now targeting Khamenei’s site.

2:58 PM ET — BBC Persia hit by “heavy electronic jamming.” Via emailer Sven, AFP confirms several foreign outlets being banned from reporting, and adds:

The British Broadcasting Corporation said the satellites it uses for its Persian television and radio services had been affected since Friday by “heavy electronic jamming” which had become “progressively worse.”Satellite technicians had traced the interference to Iran, the BBC said.

BBC Arabic television and other language services had also experienced transmission problems, the corporation said.

Random factoid: Farsi is the 5th most spoken language on the Internet. The Iranian blogosphere is, from what I hear, a marvel.


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