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O’Reilly and the Tiller Murder, Ctd

Salon’s editor, Joan Walsh, went on O’Reilly last night, having been invited to repeat her criticisms of O’Reilly to his face. She accepted:

He’s clearly a douchebag, but I think the point at which she tried to justify her claim that he has blood on his hands for repeatedly calling Tiller a baby-killer by saying that that would be consistent with his own rhetoric against Garofalo and Michael Moore as instigators of violence (did he say that?) was an error. She clearly doesn’t believe the latter claim is true, and so the effectiveness of that argument is entirely contingent on O’Reilly caring about being consistent. Not a common trait among those lacking super-egos.

I also still don’t buy the argument that it’s somehow the fault of the bloviators. Anti-abortion sentiment is genuinely grass roots. I also think he would have done himself a massive favor by taking a page of Marilyn Manson’s book (when he was effectively accused of Columbine). Here’s that juxtaposition:

I wonder how much O’Reilly’s ability to remain calm in this interview has to do with Manson sounding half asleep, or Manson not having actually said something about O’Reilly beforehand that hurt his feelings. I’d say that it has to do with sexism, but he yells at men all the time too.

Back to his interview with Walsh, there was no place for reason in that exchange. O’Reilly had no intention of responding to her on her own terms. He’s not interested in understanding and engaging her actual position. His interview style is that of an inquisition seeking to affirm its preconceptions, and he is willing to step to outright agressive provocation to achieve that end. O’Reilly is unable to take the abstract perspective, that is what I meant by saying he lacks a super-ego. He is his opinions, hence why these ambushes (predictable as this one was) tend so much more to be about him than about the object of his supposed concern; note that not once did either he ask the question of why late-term foetuses should or shouldn’t be considered to have federally protected rights.

Read Walsh’ response here.


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