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When your taser is your only option…

Leaving aside increased probability that she might have a pacemaker or some other heart issue that would make tasing her fatal, you would think trained police officers would be able to physically restrain a 72 year old woman, even if she was in a complete rage, without serious risk to themselves. Do you think they thought that would somehow be worse? Or more risky to her?

Tasers have been a big issue in Canada since a dude died of complications in Vancouver, after he was tased by airport police for a misunderstanding that resulted from a language barrier. The consensus is that the taser gun was used far too lightly by police who, knowing it almost never did cause permanent damage, had become trigger happy in violation of the processes the ethics guidelines specify. This seems like an analogous situation.

Via DoubleX


2 Responses to “When your taser is your only option…”

  1. Hey Ben, are you talking about this story of taser use in Canada?


    Examples of deaths from tasering abound. Here’s one from just last week.


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