Tied to the mast
…but orange now and black

America: shall we take another dance?

So my question of the hour on this very slow news day (both of Drudge’s “SHOCK” headlines are minor fashion faux pas by the Obamas) is very self-centered. Should I stay in America next year?

I’ve been granted a free year to work in the States, as all foreign nationals do when they complete a degree in this country; an opportunity I may never get again… who knows. And I’ve always wanted to live a year in NY. But, this is a grant with a timestamp, and I would need to take specifically next year, which happens to be the first year in a long time when it’s considerably easier to find work N of the border.

At a more abstract level, I’m not sure if America’s good for me…¬† I feel like I’m losing my Canadian equanimity (there’s an all out gang war happening two blocks South of my house!)

America’s pretty cool though. I don’t think Rome ever produced anything like this about itself:


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