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Thesis Draft Due in 8hrs

Won’t be quite so “prolific” today. Question though in the mean time: The draft is floating around 45 pages. Is that long enough to justify a 300 word double epigraph? I k now its grandiose, but I really think it frames the paper well. Are the quotes interesting enough to carry a reader through? Here’s what I’m thinking of going with:

[Discussions] of the democratic potential of the Internet cannot be satisfied with listing its positive or intrinsic features… The same is true for its negative effects or consequences, such as its disaggregative character or its anonymity… the Internet becomes a public sphere only through agents who engage in reflexive and democratic activity. For the Internet to create a new form of publicity … it must first be constituted as a public sphere by those people whose interactions exhibit the features of dialogue and are concerned with its publicity. In order to support a public sphere and technologically mediate the appropriate norms, the network form must become a viable means for the expansion of the possibilities of dialogue and of the deliberative, second order features of communicative interaction. These features may not be the same as manifested in previous political public spheres, such as the bourgeois public sphere of private persons…”

— James Bohman, “Expanding dialogue: The Internet, the public sphere and prospects for transnational democracy”[1]

I know who you are… You’re almost invariably male, Caucasian, middle-class. Your parents were normal… You enjoy being Anonymous because it is a release from the normal world: no Anonymous has an identity, no anonymous is a preening faggot. Anonymous realizes he is just a guy fucking around on the internet. Anonymous knows others of his kind enjoy this fact, too. You despise … the internet tough guy for one simple reason: he acts like the internet is the real world, a place where actions should have social consequences and where there needs to be a pecking order. Needless to say, you do not approve.”

— Quoted in the Encyclopedia Dramatica entry on “Anonymous”[2]

[1] 2004: 139-40.

[2] Accessed 6 June 2009.


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