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Fundamentalism vs. the Interwebs

I’ve posted this alarmist, deeply Research–with a capital R–ed video a couple of times now:

If you click on it—which takes you to YouTube proper—you’ll notice that not only does it have upwards of 8,000,000 views, but that all avenues for response (comments, video responses), except for the “star” rating system, have been disabled. This seems strange, from a strategic perspective… presuming the video’s creators think its content is valid (suggested by the claims to “research” and “history”), the inevitably irrational and bilious responses from Muslims and atheists, one would thing, would only serve to make their point more strongly.

So why are the hordes kept out?

This YouTube debate is suggestive of a clue. Essentially, VenomFangX had posted a number of videos disputing evolution and atheism using pseudo-scientific arguments. Thunderf00t, like any good presumably unemployed person (considering the amount of time he must have spent on these relatively high-production-value videos), took it upon himself to systematically refute VenomFangX’s pseudo-scientific claims.


Unforutnately I only have Thunderf00t’s side because VenomFangX, as a term of his surrender disabled his old account. When I originally stumbled on this debate 6 months or so ago I did manage to see a couple of his videos… and I gotta tell ya, they’re what you would think that they are on the basis of Thunderf00t’s critique.

The moment when it got nasty:

On the Internet, there’s no barrier between advocates for any perspective that choose to put their perspective out there. How long can fundamentalism survive in such a state of affairs? Especially that kind of fundamentalism that is associated with evangelism and is therefore necessarily put out onto the public square.


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