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Canada 3.0!!1

Big scoop at the Globe & Mail… apparently the big ideas guys in Canada’s watered down equivalent to Silicon Valley (Waterloo… home to the University of Waterloo, Reasearch in Motion, and Canada’s major Google satellite office, among other tech businesses), have decided “to make Canada the first digital nation in the world.”

What does that mean? Industry Minister Tony Clement:

For Canada to be a leader in innovation, we have to have a significant digital economy… I want to take it to the next step… All of us are doing what we can to kick-start this.

Kick starting the next step of innovation and a digital economy? Now that’s a specific vision!

U of Waterloo dean of Arts, Ken Coates:

Prof. Coates said taking a lead in digital media includes everything from developing copyright rules and compensation models for online content, to training and keeping in Canada people who understand this new economy. Among the ideas being floated is something called the Canada Project, a plan to get Canadian content online, starting with the holdings of the national archives and moving well beyond that.

Yes! Let’s digitize the national archives! Our victory will be sealed!

Stage 2? Open Text CEO Tom Jenkins:

To be a digital nation everybody has to be connected and you have to get all the content online. To do that, he said, the country must develop new regulations to govern the exchange of information.”

I’m sure he’ll get to the details of how exactly Canada is unilaterally going to be able to regulate something that is non-rival and costlessly reproducible without hamstringing our “digital economy” in a minute…

Canada 3.0 here we come!!1


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