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Ta-Nehisi on the “journalism” of Max Blumenthal’s video of Jewish drunken racism

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Max Blumenthal‘s Michael Moore-style “journalism” on public opinion of Obama in Israel on the eve of his Cairo speech:

But the greater point about this style of “journalism,” is made by this headline which I came across–“Drunk Americans=Israeli Public Opinion.” Man listen, hand me a fifth of Henny, a video camera, and an hour, and I’ll show you Negroes claiming that God’s messenger lives in a space-ship orbiting the earth.

The Henny is for me. The Negroes can be found, sober, saying anything. As can all people. That’s the point. Bigotry is human. Why would the blacks and Jews be any different?

In support of Coates’ point, every once in a while white people outside of Israel say ridiculous things when they’re drunk too. I’ve seen it!

Case in point in a white demographic usually criticized for being overly p.c.: two weekends ago I was in Madison WI, at a fine establishment called the Essenhaus–famous for serving beer in 2 litre glass boots. A table over, a bunch of drunk students seemed to be competing to see who could yell with the most bravado and excitement about how awesome communism is, simultanneously sounding stupid and confirming the worst suspicions of the extreme right about academia. Too bad I didn’t have a handheld camera, I could have made a video that “requires no comment at all,” and that “contains some of the most shocking footage I have ever filmed” too.


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