Tied to the mast
…but orange now and black

Conservatism, Frum, and Race, ctd.

This is an addendum to this post from yesterday.

Frum’s method—content—way more effective, I predict, than:

I could be totally off base, but it seems to me that playing Mephistopheles in a faustian bargain with an unfunny black comedian—getting him to ape (an ugly implicit stereotype in its own right) and exaggerate the most derisiviely held black stereotypes for an overwhelmingly white audience—not the best way to convince black voters that conservatism isn’t the ideology of the devil.


2 Responses to “Conservatism, Frum, and Race, ctd.”

  1. Just what was the point of that stand-up?

  2. That Obama is a black person?… (oh shit!)

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