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Tiller: Culture War-Crime? ctd.

There’s been all kinds of fuss drawing a causal link between O’Reilly’s on-air naming of Tiller as running a “death mill” and Tiller’s shooting in church yesterday.

I don’t buy it and I’ll be shocked if O’Reilly doesn’t condemn the murder on-air tonight (even assuming the worst motives, he’s too smart not to). The belief that clinics that offer late-term abortions (or abortions period) are “death mills” was widespread long before O’Reilly, and is far more authentically grass-roots than the bs tax outrage protests of last month.

I wrote more on this issue here.


UPDATE: O’Reilly’s response:


One Response to “Tiller: Culture War-Crime? ctd.”

  1. […] Of course any act of terrorism is heinous and intolerable, but it is important not extrapolate the Tiller murder, which I’m still convinced was the act of a psychopath and not merely an ideologue… we’ll see if that gets born out, out onto people who do follow due exercise their rights to protest in legally sanctioned ways, and do not go further. O’Reilly is a case in point. […]

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