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The New Majority on Teach for America

On the topic of misleading headlines, David Frum’s outfit, “The New Majority,” has just put up a really good article on Teach for America from the teachers’ perspective. The headline used is “KIDS WERE HAVING SEX IN THE STAIRCASES…” which is apt to catch a conservative reader’s eye, but is not really the point (especially not to a degree sufficient to justify ALL CAPS):

Two years later, I hardly recognize the person I was when I left the middle and upper class, predominantly white background I was accustomed to my whole life. I feel like I’ve lived ten years in these two. I have two large journals full of stories and experiences.

I don’t know if there’s a political solution to the things I’ve been writing about. There needs to be a cultural shift in low-income areas to the point where everyone sees something in the schools, whether they are places where kids are training for professions, learning right from wrong or preparing for college. Schools, more than anything, need to be places where kids learn to take pride in themselves, their communities and families.

Frum continues to not only tack away from ideological tropes, but actually has now developed a record of targeting them outright. The article resolves itself with the acknowledgement that:

No, there aren’t many conservatives in an organization like Teach For America; it’s made up largely of idealist young liberals hell bent on making social change. A group of smart and determined people working together as we do in TFA doesn’t make it a socialist organization. We know, regardless of our political affiliation, that our society won’t be as great as it could be until all students receive a top rate education, or at least an education that shows them that they have the right and responsibility to be responsible and successful members of America.

It’s entered the zeitgeist that conservatives don’t care about black people, and some don’t (and the headline kindof reinforces the assumptions that underly such positions), but articles like this help to keep that from being a safe assumption, or worse, a necessary condition for membership in “the movement.”


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