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Culture War-crime? Tiller murder

I have nothing to say about this that hasn’t been said better elsewhere. I just want to join the chorus to recognize the tragedy but take it in stride. This was an act of a psychopath. Even the most radical advocates against RvW abhor actions like this. Or at least I would’ve thought.

Sullivan posted a link to a fascinating dialogue on AgTalk. I’m not gonna freak out about it, it’s just people double detached (receiving the info through the internet, responding to it from behind a cloak of anonymity) from the tragedy venting. At least it’s honest. The good faith of honest people engaged in direct discussion is especially evident in the responses to showboat’s posts.



3 Responses to “Culture War-crime? Tiller murder”

  1. yeah, at least it’s honest…


    It’s not at all Christian, but it certainly will be seen that way. By now there’s a post up from non-Christian who now is (a) that much happier for the fact and (b) pointing out–accurately–that many of the folks posting are “morally identical… to the mullahs who pronounce their fatwas justifying the beheading of non-believers.”

    People will generally use any material at hand to feel like they are better than others–politics, money, education, what-have-you–and religion is one of the best platforms from which to lecture others. I just hate it when people use the Christianity platform for their moral self-righteousness, because it’s so… un-Christian!

    So I signed up for the forum and put up a little post under the moniker “papillon”. We’ll see what happens!

    • Re: It’s not Christian:
      I really like Andrew Sullivan’s distinction between “Christian” and “Christianist” (ideologized fundamentalism) in that respect. Good of you to join the fray.

  2. […] I wrote more on this issue here. […]

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