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Elizabeth Warren puts up a fight

This is rather old news by now, but I listened to it only yesterday after hearing it referenced by Emily Bazelon on Slate’s most recent Political Gabfest.

Elizabeth Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel and Harvard law professor, has been popping up here and there, and has, IMHO, been impressive. In this interview on NPR’s Planet Money she was at her most impressive yet. Her debate with Adam Davidson was the best discussion of the current economic crisis I’ve heard. She takes a holistic view, emphasizing the systemic links between the crises of the banking system and that of the American middle class, and defends it against Davidson’s contention that in doing so she is diluting the urgency that needs to be focused specifically on the banks.


One Response to “Elizabeth Warren puts up a fight”

  1. […] and very little obnoxious laughing. It’s almost—but not quite—as interesting as Elizabeth Warren’s fight with Adam Davidson at NPR’s Planet Money a few months […]

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